Please consider making a donation to one of the following funds.

Since its inception 100 years ago, the Washington State Music Teachers has been committed to promoting excellence in music education for students of all levels. The following funds have been established to support this mission.

Student Enrichment Fund

The Student Enrichment Fund provides grants and awards to students to assist them with access to WSMTA’s educational programs and competitions such as the Music Artistry Program, the Music Literacy Program, the Young Composers Project, the Outstanding Artist Piano Competition, the State Honors Recitals and the Music Teachers National Association competitions. We also partner with MusicLink, a national program that provides assistance to low income music students.

Teacher Enrichment Fund

The Teacher Enrichment Fund supports our members’ professional growth and continuing education. Grants are awarded to teachers to assist them with access to the wide array of music education, pedagogy workshops and conferences presented by WSMTA at the state, district and local level. Grants are also awarded to members who are pursuing professional certification through the Music Teachers National Association.

Whitner Study Grant

Lois Whitner funds provide assistance to committed music students in financial need, to offset the cost of private music lessons, theory or composition classes, and tuition for music camps.

Judith Price Benevolent Fund

Judith Price funds provide assistance to students, families, and teachers who have been impacted by unexpected financial calamities due to natural disasters, loss of employment, or sudden illness.