The purpose of this Association is the advancement of music knowledge and education.

Activities of the Association are aimed at the promotion of the art of music and the advancement of music knowledge by providing educational opportunities that further the appreciation of music throughout the state.


The Washington State Music Teachers Association (WSMTA) was organized in 1915 and is affiliated with the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA). WSMTA was incorporated in 1974 with the IRS status of 501(c)(3).

WSMTA has a membership of approximately 800 members which includes independent teachers in private studios and collegiate teachers in the university setting.  The association is dedicated to enriching the lives of nearly 28,000 young musicians and regularly offers educational and performance opportunities for teachers, students, and the public.

WSMTA Affiliated Associations

The affiliated associations in Washington are 7 Districts and 33 Local Chapters (or Local Associations).  Each affiliate can hold meetings, workshops, conferences, competitions and other programs to support the needs of its members and students.  Each District is represented by a District Director and the Local Chapters have their own board of officers.


Officers (5)
Education Board Chair
District Directors (7)
Clarion Editor
Music Artistry Program Chair
Administrative Coordinator (Ex Officio)


Education Board

The Education Board was established in 1915 under the Board of Directors as a committee.  This board is comprised of 5 WSMTA certified members plus the Administrative Coordinator as ex-officio.  These members are charged with developing and recommending all educational programs to the Board of Directors.

Other Committees

Finance, Development, Conference and Nominating

From the Strategic Planning Committee

Click here to see the strategic plan developed by the WSMTA Strategic Planning Committee.

State Newsletter

WSMTA publishes an official newsletter called the “The CLARION” five times during the year.

State Conference

A state conference is held annually in June.

State Meetings

The Board of Directors and the Education Board meet in June, September, and January.  A membership meeting is held during the annual conference in June. There is a Leadership Seminar in the fall for chapter presidents, state board of directors, and state committee chairs.

State Grants and Enrichments

WSMTA provides assistance to teachers, chapters, and students through a variety of grants and waivers.


There are many levels of membership including student teachers who are mentored by WSMTA members in order to gain experience in teaching and building to the future for our association.  For more information please see the Join page.


Membership at both the state and national levels does more than simply complement your career as a music professional—it supports, supplements and shapes it.  It empowers music teachers nationwide to become better educators through networking, leadership, mentoring and educational opportunities.

Benefits for the Teacher

Organized group meetings

  • Local Chapter Meetings
  • District Conferences
  • Annual State and National Conferences


  • Member Handbook
  • State Newsletter, The Clarion
  • The American Music Teacher, a bi-monthly magazine
  • MTNA e-Journal, an online-based journal

Growth Opportunities

  • Workshops
  • Visiting Artist Training
  • New Music Exhibits
  • Technology Training
  • Leadership Seminar
  • State and National Certification

Financial Benefits

  • Various grants and enrichments for teachers, students, and local affiliates (chapters)
  • Limited Group Health and Disability Insurance (availability of insurance coverage varies state to state)
  • Group Liability Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Gold Card Credit Programs available through MTNA

Benefits for the Student

Student Opportunities

  • Music Artistry Program
  • Music Literacy Program
  • Theory
  • Young Composer Project
  • Ribbon Festival
  • MusicLink
  • Applied Music for High School Credit
  • Student Teacher Program

Programs Available through MTNA

  • Performance Competitions
  • Study Certificates
  • Studio Festival Program
  • Achievement Program
  • Composition