Student Teacher Program

The Student Teacher Training Program of WSMTA can be valuable and rewarding.  With this program, high school and college students can gain experience in working with young pupils, learning good repertoire and teaching techniques under the guidance of their supervising teachers.


WSMTA Requirements for the Student Teacher:

1)  Must be studying with a WSMTA teacher for a minimum of one year prior to student teaching.

2)  Must be a member of WSMTA and a local chapter and pay the required dues.

3)  Must participate in Adjudications at Level V (Early Advanced) or above with their supervising teacher.

4)  Must present at least one student in Adjudications with the supervising teacher in attendance. This needs to be scheduled immediately following the presentation of the supervising teacher’s pupils.

5)  Must submit a separate WSMTA Teacher Adjudication Registration form with supervising teacher’s name and other required information.

6)  In order to provide adequate supervision, the student teacher and pupils must meet with the supervising teacher not less than once a month.

7)  Student teachers shall be encouraged to attend WSMTA Conference.

Suggestions for WSMTA teachers for a successful supervised program in the local chapter include:

1)  Present a student training course, selecting materials for first year students.

2)  Outline the teaching points with assignments for student teachers to study and practice teaching with each other under supervision.

3)  Set up classes to observe qualified teachers.

4)  Help student teachers with repertoire, theory, ear-training, technique and creativity

5)  Student teachers might serve as practice assistants giving extra help to pupils who need special attention.

By bringing new student teachers into the organization, we can teach them professional attitudes as well as techniques.