Young Composers Project

The Young Composers Project gives students of WSMTA members the opportunity to submit their compositions for judging and comments by qualified adjudicators.  These adjudicators are college professors and/or private teachers whose area of expertise is composition.  The project provides educational feedback, a goal-setting format, and a focus on music that students love – their own compositions.  Adjudicators select a first, second and third place composition for each grade level giving written comments.  Certificates are awarded to all participants, and a small monetary prize is awarded to each first place winner (see yearly Rules and Guidelines form for details.)  First place winners are invited to perform their compositions at the WSMTA Conference each summer.

2020 Rules and Guidelines

Deadline for submissions of compositions is February 21, 2020

If you have questions, please contact Martin Kennedy, WSMTA YCP Chair

Classifications, Levels, and Entry fee per composition:

Primary                 Grades K-2, one first place award for all three grades,  $25

Elementary           Grades 3-6, each grade is awarded a first place prize,  $25

Junior                     Grades 7-9, each grade is awarded a first place prize,  $30

Senior                    Grades 10-12, each grade is awarded a first place prize,  $35

Collegiate              Students graduated from high school and up to age 26, one first place prize,   $40