High School Credit

In many areas of the state, the Applied Music for High School Credit program is established and has been working many years.  WSMTA Certified Teachers are encouraged to gain support for this program if it is new in their area.  It is the goal of WSMTA to work with WMEA members “in the common cause of promoting the highest standards of music education in the public schools and in the private studios”.  However, the program is at the option of the local school district and no Certified Teacher can demand the right to teach students for high school credit.

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It is advantageous for both the student and the teacher to use the applied music program because:

*  The student’s transcript carries credit for Applied Music, which is an asset when colleges are considering applicants and weighing their abilities.  Four years of private music study is an impressive addition to any high school transcript

*  Teachers can be assured of a more consistent year-round program since weekly lessons during the school term are mandatory, and practice requirements are set to meet state standards

*  Students have tangible goals in the requirements prescribed by WSMTA and may receive a grade as well as credit for the quality of their endeavors

*  Parents have the assurance that the student is being guided through a course of studies designed and approved to meet the needs of students who range in development from those with the minimum years of music study, to those who are capable and should be encouraged to major in music at college.

*  The student is committed to a minimum of one 45 minute private lesson and five hours of practice per week.  An additional one hour of class time per month is recommended.  Any lesson or practice missed by the student must be made up.

*  The student is required to enter the WSMTA Music Artistry Program, performing a minimum of two memorized selections from the specified repertoire.  Upon completion the student will receive a seal to be affixed to their Music Artistry Program certificate.

*  The teacher is required to teach 36 weeks in the school year, with two weeks vacation coinciding with the school calendar during the winter break, and one week vacation during the spring break.

Other requirements:

* The student must make written application for credit in advance, using either the form that may be provided by the school, or the WSMTA Request for Credit form.

* Each school will determine the unit of credit to be given.  The standard unit of credit is one per trimester, or one and one half credits per semester.

* Unless the school district makes arrangements for the examination of Applied Music students, the evaluation of the student’s work will be at the discretion of the certified teacher, and the grade should be filed with the school at the appropriate time.  Some schools will provide a form for the teacher to complete, or you may use the WSMTA Report in Applied Music Study form.

If you are a STUDENT, please ask your teacher about this program.

If you are a CERTIFIED TEACHER (NCTM or WSCTM) with questions or would like the packet of information and forms,
please contact Music Artistry Program Chair, Jason Kuo.