The Lois Whitner Study Grant provides financial assistance for continued private study to committed music students who demonstrate financial need.

Students Needing Help!


*  The grant is open to music students currently in grades 8-11 who have studied a minimum of 4 years and whose teachers are members (of at least 12 months standing) of WSMTA.

*  The applicant must have participated in WSMTA Adjudications.

*  The applicant will be considered on a basis of financial need and musical commitment.

*  The grant may be used to offset the cost of music lessons, theory, or composition classes, or tuition for music camp.

*  The grant will be sent directly to the teacher or camp/program director

*  Grants up to $1,500 may be awarded.  The applicant must explain specifically and in detail how the funds will be used.  The grant will be for a period of not more than one year and may be approved for additional years at the discretion of the Grant Committee.  Students seeking grant renewal must submit another complete application to the committee for consideration

An article appears in the spring issues of The CLARION, with details.

DUE DATE: MAY 17th (Extended)

For guidelines and more information click on the links below or contact Connie Hungate, WSCTM, Grants & Scholarships Chair.

In light of the difficulties many families have faced this past year, the Grants & Scholarships committee will waive the MAP participation requirement.

An earlier version of the application had a mistake in Selina Chu’s address.  The address on the application form is now correct.  If you already mailed your application, please email a copy to Selina Chu.

Application Form (pdf)