Strategic Plan

Paving the Way to the Future

A Strategic Plan has been adopted and put into motion. This was developed in an effort to continue moving WSMTA programs forward, as well as to expand and improve our association. The following documents shows the overall layout of the Strategic Plan and then each Focus Area is broken down into Objectives and Actions. If you, as a member of WSMTA, would like to become involved please contact Jani Peterson at

Below you will find the plan, which consists of a mission statement, vision statement, a list of values, and a list of focus areas. After that, you will find a link to a more detailed version of the strategic plan, with objectives and actions.


The advancement of music knowledge and education. Activities of the Association are aimed at the promotion of the art of music and the advancement of music knowledge by providing educational opportunities that further the appreciation of music throughout the state.


WSMTA will be recognized as an innovative leader in Washington State in promoting and advancing the skilled teaching of musical arts for the enrichment of individuals and society.



Maintain and create programs

Cultivate the WSMTA Brand within our Communities

Increase member satisfaction

Expand WSMTA membership

Expand financial resources

Inspire and encourage leadership at the state and local level