Grants and Enrichment

The following grants are available

for those showing a financial need!




For the following Grants please contact the WSMTA Administrative Coordinator to receive more information and applications.

Small Chapter Grant

For chapters with 25 or fewer members.  A grant will be given for up to half the workshop expenses not to exceed $500. To apply for this grant, please click here.

Collegiate Chapter Grant

This grant is for programs, projects, recitals that the chapter would like to sponsor.  WSMTA will assist with a grant of up to $300. To apply for this grant, please  click here.

District Grant

WSMTA will assist with a grant of up to $500 to help support District Conferences. To apply for this grant, please click here.


Caroline Allen Certification Grant

WSMTA will reimburse one half of the certification application fee for WSMTA members who successfully apply for MTNA Certification.  Documentation that the member has applied and paid MTNA must be submitted to the WSMTA Certification Chair Rose Freeman, NCTM.  Requests for grants must be made prior to receiving NCTM designation.

Collegiate to Active Member Dues Grant

A 50% discount for one year on state dues, will be offered to a collegiate member changing status from collegiate to active upon graduation from college.  Please contact the WSMTA Administrative Coordinator.

Conference Fee Grant

Registration fee waivers for attendance at the WSMTA Conference may be granted to members and/or students. All names/information will be kept confidential. Complete the application form online or contact the WSMTA Administrative Coordinator.

Membership Dues Grant

Applicant must demonstrate a financial need. If awarded, the applicant would not pay WSMTA dues for that year but would still be responsible for National and Chapter dues. Complete the application form online or contact the WSMTA Administrative Coordinator.


Lois Whitner Study Grant

This grant is to provide financial assistance for continued private study to committed music students who demonstrate a financial need.  The grant may only be used to offset the cost of music lessons, theory or composition classes, or tuition for music camps.  For guidelines and more information click on the links below or contact Connie Hungate, WSCTM.

For more information about this scholarship, click here.

Application Form (pdf)