This form is to be used by teachers who would like to register students in the WSMTA Music Artistry Program, but who are not members of WSMTA. It is for payment of the non-member teacher fee only – you will need to register yourself and your students once you’ve completed this form.

1. Determine which chapter’s MAP event you would like to participate in, and contact the MAP chair for the chapter.  Each chapter has its own deadlines and scheduling requirements, and you will want to makes sure not to miss them.  If you are not sure which chapter is closest to you, email the WSMTA administrative coordinator:  Please note there is often a small extra chapter fee for the Music Artistry Program (typically $10-$20) payable directly to the chapter.

2.  Complete the form below. A credit card will be required for the submitting the $125 non-member teacher fee.

3. Wait for confirmation from the WSMTA office and receipt of a username for login to the WSMTA website.

4. With the username given to you by the WSMTA office, login to Once logged in, on the Membership Dashboard, you will see several blue boxes, one of which reads “Register for Music Artistry”. Click that box.

5. Complete the student registration for all of the students you wish to enter in MAP. You will also need to complete the teacher registration as it it different than your non-member teacher fee, which is paid using this form.

6. Once you have submitted the registration for your students, be sure to contact the MAP chair for the chapter, confirm your registration and arrange payment for the chapter fee if you have not already paid it.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the WSMTA Office.

Thank you for your interest in the Music Artistry Program! Most chapters have completed registration for their MAP events. For more information about a specific MAP event, please contact the administrative coordinator: