Resources for Teaching Online

As our lives continue to evolve and change with each passing day, many of you may be wondering how our profession can be sustained. As an organization, we cannot tell teachers how to live their lives or how to teach their lessons, but what we can do is provide you with information so every teacher can make informed decisions. 

For the best information on COVID-19, visit the CDC website:

Online Teaching Resources

Many people are realizing that teaching their students online is the best idea for the time being. Below are resources about online teaching:

Joy Morin: “Teaching Piano During the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Wendy Stevens: “Easy Ways to Switch to Temporary Online Lessons”

Hugh Sung: “How to Teach Online Piano Lessons”

Online Teaching Platforms

Many of us are familiar with FaceTime and Skype. Here are some other conference calling platforms you may wish to try:

Zoom is a very popular choice:

Google Duo is a product designed to replace Google Hangouts: