Why is “Regular” already selected on the form?  And why is $20.00 already in the Total field?  I haven’t entered a student yet!    If the majority of users will be selecting a certain field, a courtesy is to pre-fill that particular field. That’s the reason you’ll see $20.00 at the bottom instead of $0.00. (You must register something and $20.00 is the smallest amount you can select.)   This is called a “default” selection.  If you are registering a “Regular” student, then leave it alone.  However, if you need to register an Adult or Ensemble or ML student, then you must change that by clicking the down arrow on the dropdown box and clicking the appropriate selection.

Can I enter a student in the wrong chapter or instrument? Will the software catch it? If you forget to enter your chapter/instrument, you will not be able to leave the page until you enter a chapter/instrument. This is a ‘required field’ but unlike last year, the software we use has been updated and now, the ”default’ selection is not the first chapter on the list.  But you could enter the wrong the chapter.  It would have to be done on purpose though, not through error.

So if we could enter the wrong chapter on purpose, why can’t the software just use my membership number and put all my entries in the correct chapter for me? Good question – and it is possible – but it would be expensive to implement. Some of our teachers are members of more than one chapter so there isn’t a one to one relationship between member numbers and chapter membership.

How do I correct an entry error after I have placed it in my ‘cart’. What if I mistype and put a student in the wrong level? Or get their information wrong?  Or misspell their name? Can I correct any of that? Yes – but you will need to DELETE the entire entry from the cart and start over with that particular student. Go to the ‘cart’ and click on the small “X” on the left side of the entry you need to delete. Once you have deleted that entry, go back to student (or teacher – whichever page generated the entry) registration and enter the correct information – complete all the fields. If you change items in your shopping cart and update, you will find the software simply appends (adds) your information and it will be incorrect. Plus, it will be very difficult for your chapter chair to untangle.

What happens if I log out (or if I leave the computer on but don’t get back before the system logs me out) before I’m done with registration?  registration?  Your cart will be saved automatically. However, we encourage you to do it all at one time so that you don’t accidentally leave a student out or some other error of that nature.

How do I register an Ensemble such as a string group or choral ensemble?  Do I enter every student in the group?  Or what? Register the ensemble as a SINGLE ENTRY. Give the ensemble a name and put that in the fields for ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’. It’s up to you and your students how to divide the fee. Do not list all the ensemble members.

If I forget to register myself, I can go back and do so when I remember.  So why all the talk about not forgetting and making sure that students AND teacher are all registered and complete before checking out and paying?  Short answer – transaction fees.  Each credit card transaction is associated with a small fee.  If a teacher ‘forgets’ to register themselves, go back and fill out the teacher registration and pay, that’s another transaction fee.  Not so bad if a dozen teachers ‘forget’ and end up paying for students registration and teacher registration separately.  But if 250 teachers ‘forget’, that’s a lot of money for our association.  So register yourself first if you think you might forget.  Or tape a reminder on your computer.  Or write a reminder on your Music Artistry Program Registration Worksheet.

OK – it makes sense.  Now, how do I get back to the dashboard and Music Artistry Program Registration? Click ‘Member Dashboard’ at the top of this page.  Or you can always use the ‘back’ button in your browser.


  • Organize your Music Artistry Program Registration list prior to entering the information online. A handy worksheet is available here: Music Artistry Program Registration Worksheet.
  • After your registration materials are organized, go to the WSMTA website and login to the member dashboard. Click the blue button that says “Register for the Music Artistry Program”.
  • Click ‘register your students’ and begin entering the required information (using your completed Registration Form) and once you’ve finished with your students, Register Yourself BEFORE you checkout. However, if you think you may forget to register yourself (even with reminders taped to your computer), then register yourself first and then register your students. For teacher and student registration, order doesn’t matter.
  • Review ALL the information you have entered. After you verify that it is correct, check-out and pay. You will receive confirmation in your email inbox.