The Adjudications Program of WSMTA is a self-supporting annual event developed for students to encourage interest in music and to maintain standards of fine musicianship.

What are Adjudications?

For the Student:
  • Set goals which encourages preparation beyond the normal weekly routine.
  • The process is similar to sports: practice – games – tournaments.
  • Perform for a highly-respected adjudicator
  • Work one-on-one with the adjudicator to improve your performance
  • Receive written comments and a certificate for your hard work
For the Parent:
  • Adjudications serve as a goal for your child to prepare two memorized pieces
  • Non-competitive format encourages learning, rather than comparison with others
  • Adjudicators are experienced teachers with advanced training, have been carefully screened by WSMTA, are nationally certified by MTNA and many serve on college faculties around the Northwest
For the Teacher:
  • Challenge yourself and your students to achieve goals
  • Observe your students’ lessons from a third-person perspective, often seeing new ways to approach difficult situations or unique problems
  • Share ideas and questions with a supportive colleague during one-on-one time with the adjudicator after he/she has heard all your students
  • Discover trends and areas which may need improvement

Adjudications may be organized and carried out by Chapters for piano, voice, organ, string, woodwind or brass by April 18. A preliminary report must be filed by November 1st with the adjudications chair using an approved adjudicator from the WSMTA adjudicators list.

A non-WSMTA member may participate with a registration of $125.00 plus student fees.  Please contact WSMTA Executive Manager, Kirsten Carlson  for registration instructions.

Information for the Teacher
  • Procedural information and materials are available for each teacher and are listed below or through your local chapter Adjudications Chair.
  • If you would like to register  your students for Adjudications, please login to the Member Dashboard. You will need to fill out a “Student Registration” and a “Teacher Registration”.
  • VIDEO TUTORIAL  has been created for you.  This will take you step by step through the process of this new online registration process.
Information for the Chapter Adjudications Chair
Information for the  Adjudicators
  • Please click here for:  Adjudicator Instructions & Policies
  • This document contains a wealth of information to help ensure a successful event for all involved. Please read and review before your next adjudicating job.