Online Honors Recitals

Congratulations on being selected to perform!

Students across Washington have worked hard all year.  However, because of closures and cancellations due to COVID-19, WSMTA will not be able to showcase their work at the state conference.  To honor students who would have performed, WSMTA is providing the opportunity to submit a video or recording that we will post on a special page.

To submit a video or recording, please read the information and requirements, then complete the form below.

Information and Requirements

  • Record your selection(s) as many times as you would like, and submit your preferred version. Use your own piano, your teacher’s piano, or find another instrument on which you have permission to record.
  • Recordings can begin with the participant stating his or her name in a clear voice, but performers’ names will be listed above each video.
  • Performers can choose to bow at the end of their performance.
  • Recordings should be cued to begin within five seconds after the start.
  • Recordings should feature the work with which the participant originally entered.
  • Recordings should be uploaded to YouTube with visibility set to “Public” (make sure the comments are turned off). This will create a link for you to copy and paste into the online submission form.
  • If you are not familiar with uploading videos to YouTube, please watch this tutorial.

Thank you for your flexibility in these trying times! We think you will find a silver lining in the process of creating your video entries!

If you have questions, concerns, or need more information, please contact Kathy Mortensen, WSMTA President-Elect and Honors Recital Coordinator: [email protected] or WSMTA Adminstrative Coordinator, Carrie Kahler: [email protected]

The submission period is closed. Please contact Kathy Mortensen ([email protected]) if you need more information.