Music Literacy Program

Registration and Payment

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is by teacher only. If you are a music student who would like to participate in a Music Literacy Program event, please forward this page to your teacher or contact WSMTA Music Literacy Program Chair Melanie Stroud.


  • Have your registration worksheet ready and available
  • Verify your registration open/close dates with your chapter chair
  • Verify which events your chapter is offering this year


  • Payment to be completed once you have registered all of your students
  • Contact your MLP Chapter chair to verify the total amount your studio owes (for all students, chapter fees, and state fees combined)

Not a WSMTA Member, but you still want to participate?
  • If you are already in touch with a local WSMTA chapter, find out that chapter’s per-student fee, and the chapter’s MLP Chair or contact person.  They will let you know what the non-member fee and process is.
  • Register according to the instructions above.
  • If you are not in touch with a local WSMTA chapter, please contact the Music Literacy Program Chair, Melanie Stroud, and she will connect you with a chapter.
  • Consider joining WSMTA!